Chairmans update for members

On behalf of the trustees and committees of the club I trust you are all keeping safe and well. For those of you bowling outdoors have a good season in these trying times. With the extended closure of the club a lot of work has been achieved. i.e.

Contingency plans have been thought out in preparation for future opening, but decisions not made as yet with rule changes ongoing.

New dance group will be coming in when regulations allow for hiring of the upstairs studio – Lee Brannigan Performing Arts Academy.

Our regular maintenance checks have still been carried out.

Unused stock in café has been donated to Q E Hospital.

Our planned new scoring system is still in place but until installer can get all the parts we await a definite date.

All surfaces in the club have been sanitised.

Manhole covers in both ladies and gents toilets had to be replaced and as such new flooring has been laid.

CCTV has been updated.

The bench seating and carpet in café has been cleaned, the green surround carpet will be cleaned after scoring system installed.

2 fire doors had been vandalised, these will be sorted next week.

2 cough/sneeze screens have been bought, a permanent one for reception and a mobile one for café.

A big clear out of behind the scenes rubbish has been actioned and will be disposed of in the near future.

New carpeting being purchased for some of the upstairs area.

If government regulations allow we very much hope to see you all in September, stay safe my friends, George.